At BGM Company, I am committed to provide the best customer service possible. You can speak to a real person any time!  In this day and age, many companies have let customer service go by the wayside or have forgotten how important it really is…not here, we still believe in the human experience. We will communicate any way you would like, over the phone, email, or text, but there is a warm, reliable person on the other end.

BGM Company is not just a company, or a means to make a living, it is my pride and joy!  The business was started for two reasons…I worked for a promotional products company and became close to my customers, and when a new owner stepped in and things began deteriorating, I left to pursue a job in another industry. My customers would not let me quit….several of them did not want to “re-train” another “promo” person, so I started BGM Company so I could continue to take care of my customers. It also turned out to be a good source of extra income, as I had children starting college, and a recent divorce behind me. 

(The letters in the company name correspond to my children’s names.) In the beginning, I had another job at the same time, so I worked day and night. When all the kiddos were off on their own, I decided to work my company full time. And today, I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I love my customers and I love taking care of their promotional and advertising needs, and doing it with high quality products at the best pricing possible and providing excellent customer service. In the days right after (Hurricane) Harvey hit Houston, UPS and FEDEX service was almost non-existent, but a customers’ order needed to get to San Antonio, so I took the long way around the flooded areas to make my way out of Houston to deliver the package to San Antonio (about 200 miles, 3 hours, one way—I had to come back too!) so the customers’ employees could wear their embroidered shirts for their event. 

Give me a chance to earn your business…I won’t let you down!  And, I thank all my customers for their continued support!